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Thursday, May 28, 2015

How Scary Is A Cardiologist?

Today I was so terrified, finally I had courage to see a cardiologist!

I thought I would genetically have same heart problem after my grandma and my mom. Because on my EKG result of last December's medical check-up, I was suggested to see a cardiologist. Yeah I had about 5 months to build something which's called bravery! Lol.

After wasting my precious time for about 2.5 hours waiting for the missing doctor, well not really missing though, he was just lost among the other patients at the ER and ICU, I finally saw a real cardiologist face-to-face, for less than 5 minutes. What? 5 minutes, yes. A golden 5 minutes.

My heart was diagnosed as "excellent". Oh God...thanks! I love him, the cardiologist! He made my day.

Now I only have to pray there won't be any problem with my lab result after seeing the internist. They took my blood for some tests because my bronchitis wouldn't let me breathe normally for more than 3 months. 

But again, finally I don't have any heart disease. Even though my heart sometimes beats so fast uncontrollaby :) 😉

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